Our technology

An efficient and simple process !

The process is based on biomethane liquefaction and storage under liquid form and regaseification upon injection. A unit is made of several modules :
  • GRID polishing module (only for grid gas processing) : proprietary system in order to process water, CO2 and tetrahydrothiophene (THT – gas odorant for natural gas)
  • Polishing module required for liquefaction : proprietary and patented system in order to remove CO2 remaining in
  • Liquefaction module : proprietary open cycle liquefaction system running without rotating machinery
  • (Bio)LNG storage module :LNG storage system at -160 degrees. LNG storage ranging from 10 to 100 m3 (6 000 à 60 000 Nm3 under gaseous form)
  • Reinjection module : (Bio)LNG regasification system
  • Control module : integrated start/stop automatic system (starting in less than an hour) coupled with remote control/alarm
technologie azola

Key benefits

of our solution

Extended range

from 50 to 500 Nm3/h

Simple and ease of use

our unit starts and stop automatically. It adapts to congestion level and doesn’t required additional compression.


high reliability also due to the absence of rotating machinery.


flow rate performances range from 30% to 100%


unit start and stop in less than one hour

Electrical consumption

due to the absence of compressors or cold machinery, a unit’s capacity is less than 2,5kWe.

Services :

Azola offers an all-inclusive maintenance contract

BioLNG purity

high purity (> 99% de méthane)

Modular and compact

our solutions is built on skid and is transportable in order to best suit your needs.

Our demonstrator

  • Liquefaction flow rate: 150 Nm3/h
  • Re-injection flow rate : 200 Nm3/h
  • Stockage de bioGNL : 10 Nm3(i.e. 6 000 Nm3) soit 40 h de production du méthaniseur