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We offer a plug & play storage solution including the following:

A storage unit seized
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Installation and

Staff training
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Operational support
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Real-time access
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Full unit

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Extract full value out of your biomethane production.

Gas consumption varies pretty strongly during weekends or summer time. It often happens that consumption don’t meet gas supply provided by AD plants to the grid.Part of that supply cannot be injected and is therefore lost.

Azola developed a solution allowing you to store up to 60,000 Nm3 worth of biomethane which cannot be properly valued.
When the gas grid becomes available again, the stored biomethane is reinjected into the grid the following day, week or month, whenever most suitable.

Grid solution

Optimise your distribution grid.

Biomethane injection and development of AD plants is naturally creating congestion on certain parts of the grid where consumption is lower than supply.

Azola offer a temporary storage solution. When the grid is saturated, the GRID unit is starting automatically in order to store gas under liquid form ; the unit is then re-injecting on the same part of the grid or elsewhere (deported injection) once congestion is gone.

The GRID unit is made of transportable skids : the unit may then be moved to another part of the network should the congestion disappear.